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Combined Clear Quartz and Green Aventurine bring in an abundance of luck and prosperity. Worn over the throat (chakra) these stones will also help you be more clear and loving with your self talk and self expression!

✨✨Green Aventurine✨✨

An all around healing stone

✨Enforces control

✨Brings prosperity

✨Boosts creativity

✨Protects the heart

✨Calms emotional turmoil

✨Steadies one’s state of mind ⁣

Chakra(s): Heart & Third Eye

Planet: Venus

✨✨Clear Quartz✨✨

The most powerful crystal on the planet

✨Regulates and transforms all energies

✨Protects against radiation

✨Raises your vibration to it highest and perfect state

✨Enhances psychic abilities

✨Master healer

Chakra(s): Crown


Clearly Lucky Choker


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