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This Sage bundle is more for body cleansing and chakra meditations but can be used regularly around the home, business, car, etc

✨Releases all energies

✨Heightens intuition

✨Boosts energy

✨Enforces manifestation

✨Uplifts moods



Remember always have a set intention when using any type of smudging material. Also always give reverence to the tool and to the Earth, thanking them for allowing you to use their cleansing/purifying abilities.

Chakra Rose Sage

  • ✨Light the bundle from the top for about 5-10 seconds then gently blow it out.

    ✨Let the smoke waft over your body as you meditate on your intention for cleansing, purifying, peace, etc

    ✨Open some (if not all) windows and doors.

    ✨Cleanse every room, making sure to smoke out corners underneath furniture; everything need to be touched by the smoke.Stay longer in areas or rooms you feel need more attention.

    • Start from the back moving counterclockwise to get rid of energy. End at the front door
    • Start from the front door moving clockwise to bring in energy.

    ✨Thank the bundle for its work when you are done. Allowing it to go out when it is done.

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